Manual Handling

Trench Health and Fitness have a full manual handling and training program that we can deliver to your employees. Our training program includes both a theory practical components to ensure your employees are fully qualified and equipped in safe manual handling practices with job tasks. We will also tailor our program to suit your company and specific job tasks related to your workforce.


  • Identify tasks and hazards that could be a potential risk for injury
  • Identify and have an understanding of some of the common workplace injuries that may occur
  • Implement injury prevention techniques, such as work specific stretching and correct lifting techniques


  • 4 steps for assessing risk before conducting a manual handling task
  • 4 steps to safe lifting and carrying techniques (individual and team)
  • How best to set up workstations to prevent manual handling and┬ámusculoskeletal disorders such as┬áRSI
  • Influence nutrition has in the prevention of injuries
  • FITT Principle
  • Common sites of workplace injury, and stretches to avoid them


  • Participants to demonstrate correct lifting techniques
  • Participants engage and demonstrate a number of stretches/exercises that can help prevent injuries of the ankle, neck, back, knee, and shoulders.

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