Gym (Fitness Studio)

Have you ever made that decision to eat a little healthier, increase your intensity in the gym or even start back at the gym? Yet you have not even moved off the couch. Maybe you need to look inside a little more to find that motivation. When it comes to increasing our health and wellness it is really an easy thing to achieve, but why isn’t everyone doing it? One main reason comes down to who we really are, or our identity.

What can you see yourself doing
What do you want to do?

Here at Trench Health and Fitness we align your plan with you, not anyone else and before long you will start to see the results which you want to see.

Trench Health and Fitness offers a very wide range of services, not just physical training but nutrition advice and wellness coaching.  Most importantly we can keep you accountable for your actions in regards to your total health and wellness goals.  So if you want to lose weight, tone up and de-stress or just have more energy then please talk to one of our staff. We would be happy to guide you through your health and wellness program or even create a tailored program for you.


group fitnessWe have a range of great group fitness classes every day. Classes range from ladies only classes right through to specific training for your core and cardiovascular fitness. [More Info]

 Building BonesOur Building Bones classes will guide you through the correct exercises and technique in order to help build your muscle strength and help maintain and improve your bone density. All classes are instructed by qualified trainers and allow you to work at your own capabilities. [More Info]

Personal TrainingOur personal trainers are qualified and motivated to help you reach your goals. From tailored nutrition and exercise plans right through to specific sport and event training, we are ready and excited to see what you can achieve. [More Info]

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