Personal Training

What does Personal Training mean to you?

Does it mean…more energy, improved mental health, decreased stress, actually meeting your fitness goals, keeping consistent, education, and/or accountability?

That’s what personal training means to us here at the Trench Health and Fitness gym in Shenton Park.

Trench Personal Training means RESULTS!

Having a Personal Trainer to guide, motivate and instruct you on the best way to exercise is proven to be more effective than working out alone! The majority of people who see results in the gym have had or have a Personal Trainer.

How will Trench Personal Trainers get you results?

Our trainers provide you with a complete fitness appraisal before commencing any program, which includes medical screening, blood pressure, body fat measurement, body measurements, and fitness testing. This also includes an in-depth discussion on your goals and expectations to ensure that both you and your trainer are held accountable to each other to maximise your results.

Your trainer will then develop a specific and personalised program around your specific goals, together with on-going 8 weekly appraisals, this will allow us to monitor and show you your progress over time.

Why are our personal trainers different to any other trainer?

Trench Health and Fitness have a strict process when hiring personal trainers – all our trainers are university qualified, experienced, and passionate about their own health and fitness. Our trainers are about helping others achieve their goals.

Commitment to Education

At Trench you can be sure that you are always going to be educated in all aspects of health and fitness, as well as exercising in a safe, fun, and effective way. You will never complete the exact same session twice.

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