Online Fitness

Race Around Australia

Race around Australia is an interactive online based complement to exercise. It is run over a 6 week period with 1 leg of the race per week. Each leg varies in distance, with the aim of the program to encourage people to exercise as well as making it fun with a competition element. This is a Trench Health and Fitness initiative to both encourage people to exercise as well as provide a challenge and something new for those already in a regular exercise routine

Trench Wellness Tracker

The Trench Wellness Tracker is an all in one web based health and wellness tracker. We believe, that losing weight or maintaining a healthy lifestyle is more than just hitting the gym for an hour a day, or signing up for the latest diet craze. The Trench Wellness Tracker is a holistic approach to making small lifestyle changes that add up to big changes down the track.

Refresh with Trench

Re-Fresh is a four week work place challenge designed by Trench Health and Fitness to help break bad habits and motivate you to adopt a healthier way of life.  We all know how life gets a little out of control.  You promise to eat healthy, exercise regularly and cut back on after work drinks.  But bad habits are hard to change, until you break the cycle.

The more lifestyle changes you make the more points you earn and yes it’s a competition.  Re-Fresh isn’t just about exercising regularly, it’s about actually making changes to your lifestyle and helping you maintain them.  Simple things like more fruit and water and less alcohol. Re-Fresh is a challenge to help you get your life back on track and commit to a healthier lifestyle and to maintain these habits in the future. No more trying to guess the upset game of the week, to move up the tipping ladder!  Simply commit to a healthy lifestyle to earn more points.

Re-Fresh is about making healthy changes, with the help of a Re-Fresh “Buddy”!  Start thinking now about who would be a positive and motivating Buddy for you.

This is your chance to cleanse from the inside out and create a clear path to feeling good.

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