Race Around Australia Online Fitness Program

Race Around Australia

Regular exercise will not only have you looking and feeling great, it’ll also see you on a whirlwind trip through Oz.  Race Around Australia is a virtual tour where every ounce of sweat adds up to kilometres.  Walk, run, swim or dance through the check points – it doesn’t matter how you get there.  On this challenge, every kilometre counts as a step closer to the new, lighter you.

What is Race Around Australia?

Race Around Australia is an interactive online fitness program designed to complement and encourage exercise. It is run over a 6 week period with 1 leg of the race completed per week. Each leg varies in distance, with the aim of the program to encourage people to exercise as well as making it fun with a competitive element. This is a Trench Health and Fitness initiative to both encourage people to exercise as well as provide a challenge and something new for those already in a regular exercise routine.

Each user is given their own personal account where they can track their exercise and distance across a personal online map. For more info visit our Race Around Australia website www.racearoundaustralia.net.

How it Works

Race Around Australia is built around simplicity and being user friendly. When you sign up and register you will need to select a degree of difficulty; the harder the difficulty the more exercise needed to complete the leg.

Every minute of exercise you complete, equates to a certain number of kms travelled. Different exercises equate to a different number of kms. You will receive a grace period of 4 days to input your exercise, with a cap on how far you can travel each week. Eg: week 1 finishes at Broome so you can only travel as far as Broome on the map, however you can still exercise and log kms once you have reached the end of your leg (you just wont travel past the end of that leg until the following week).

Each week participants start at the designated start point for that week of the race, regardless whether or not they made the total distance the previous week. You will receive daily reminder emails to enter your exercise and minutes for the previous day. Your distance is charted graphically on the map against the mean and leader with respect to your position

All participants are also sent email postcards when they arrive at the end of each leg straight to their inbox. To find out how you can get this great initiative into your work place click here.