Trench Wellness Tracker

What is the Trench Wellness Tracker
The Trench Wellness Tracker is an all in one web based health and wellness tracker. We believe, that losing weight or maintaining a healthy lifestyle is more than just hitting the gym for an hour a day, or signing up for the latest diet craze. The Trench Wellness Tracker is a holistic approach to making small lifestyle changes that add up to big changes down the track.

The Trench Wellness Tracker allows you to store all your health data in one easy place. You decide what your goals are,as well as giving you the tools to meet those goals. The Trench Wellness Tracker has been designed and built by Exercise Physiologists, meaning real people who have real experience.

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Why Track my Progress?
Tracking your exercise, food intake, calories consumed/burnt, and weight will help first and foremost in keeping you accountable to yourself, and secondly in giving you a visual overlook of your journey. This will help you to see what areas you are doing well at and maybe some areas you might need a little more improvement.

What can I track
With the Trench Wellness Tracker you can track all things health and fitness including:

  • Personal objectives
  • Food log
  • Personal goals
  • Calories consumed
  • Girth measurements
  • Calories burnt
  • Heart rate stats
  • Exercise history
  • Daily calorie quota

You can even have your work out program written by our Trench Trainers and uploaded to your account.

Why an Online Program?
Sometimes we don’t realise our habits until we record them. That’s where the Trench Wellness Tracker can help. We know how busy life can be, so tracking your stats online means if you’re on business, holidays or just out and about, you can log in and immediately record what you ate, how many calories it contained, and how much exercise you need to do to burn those extra calories off.  Even though the Wellness Tracker is an online tool, you will still have access to all our Trainers at Trench.

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