It is with great pleasure that Trench Health and Fitness announces that one of our clients recently won the Institute of Public Administration Australia WA (IPAA) – Department of Health Best Practice in Health and Wellbeing Award, as part of the IPAA’s 2012 Achievement Awards.  Working together with our client, we established a tailored, comprehensive health and wellness program in 2007 to improve the health and wellbeing of its workforce. The judges commented that this nomination best demonstrated the performance and outcomes of a wellness and health program for internal stakeholders. As a large Department the judges were also impressed that the program has been delivered to its workforce across the State


On behalf of ETAS Group, I would like to commend Mick and Rochelle from Trench Health & Fitness on the fantastic team building program they facilitated for our staff. 

Aside from the fabulous time we all had, there were also many valuable lessons and ‘ah-ha’ moments for us. 

We learned a lot about one another and how to use our individual strengths to work together as one team. 

Staff are still talking and laughing about events of the day. Discussions about salt and fat content in certain foods are becoming commonplace in the lunch room. 

The workplace has been re-energised; barriers and silos have begun to melt away.

D. Arrowsmith
ETAS Group
October 2012



Thank you to both Mick and Ashlee for running 5 separate successful team building events for our division. I have had nothing but great feedback from staff who were initially sceptical about the team building event planned after 10 years! It was surprising to see how the various areas bonded over something simple as cricket which did help to break down some of the silos , not to mention getting staff active again outside the office.

 I hope that the last month of activities translates back into the office and that we will continue our on going relationship through the wellness program. Once again thank you and I would be happy to recommend your service to others interested in team building activities.

S. Sukumaran
WA Govt. Agency
June 2012


Good morning to the Team at  Trench Health, thank you all very much for the  ongoing health tests / follow up service which not only helps optimize employee’s lifestyle & health but it  also benefits the employers who so generously provide this privilege.

 The comparisons of the test results over the years and all the advice given  has been of great benefit (I felt proud to have improved my scores each time!!) and I sincerely thank you all.

Zareen liddell
Christ Church Grammar School
November 2011


I love the opportunities we have been given at CBH to participate in many varied health and wellness programs this is such a bonus and inspires me to participate as the opportunities are right on my door step!

Trench has provided us with the most appropriate people for the activities that I have been lucky enough to participate in. The lovely Callie is just a gorgeous lady – the best advertisement that Trench can have!!! I’ve completed classes from Yoga to Zumba and when speaking with Callie about a program to suit me at my “mature time of life” – was delighted to be given such a simple sheet containing a clear exercise program to complete and also the offer of assistance if I needed it and was unclear about any of the exercises on the program.

I recommend you to try some of the classes or have a one on one with Callie to inspire you to get into some exercise program to help clear that brain fog that most of us get from time to time and just to feel great!!!

Female CBH employee
April 2011


I have been having one-on-one weekly health and fitness meeting with Callie since mid January 2011. Callie has been a great help on helping me not just lose weight and looking toned up but also making sure that I am exercising correctly, doing the right kind of exercise that suits me and eating the right food that is good for me.

She has taught me a great deal on the following:

  • When and what to eat
  • What are good foods and bad foods
  • What are good substitutes when craving bad foods
  • What sort of exercise combination programs that are effective for me.
  • Taught me how to do proper core exercises.
  • Showed me what my BMI, waist-to-hip ratio, BMR and training heart rate zone.
  • Based on all my measurements and regular food I have been eating, provided me a guide as to how much calories on average I consume per day and how much I must burn per day.
  • Has been monitoring my weight on weekly basis as both a way to keep me motivated and accountable.
  • Provides good advice on any questions I have when I am trying something new – for example, questions about certain vitamins, detox program etc.
  • And lots more!!!!
  • Most of all, I think Callie is a fantastic person to talk to just about anything. She has given me lots of encouragement and has taught me to not take it too hard on myself whenever I have been eating bad food every now and then.
  • Thanks to Callie, I have lost a lot of weight and it feels very good knowing that all my colleagues, friends and family noticed a huge loss in my weight and that they all said I am looking very well.

Anonymous Female
March 2011


You came up to our office in November last year and gave me a health check. Things were a little grim with very high blood pressure and very much overweight. You suggested I see a doctor and should look at losing some weight and doing some exercise. I just wanted to let you know that as a result of your visit and the little scare I have shed 12 kgs with a around 10 more to go and I am exercising daily. I can now even jog (slowly) 5 km’s. I generally just walk around 8 k’s a day with my wife which is doing the trick anyway. I am on Jen for Men and although the food is a bit ordinary, sticking to the program and making the progress.

My blood pressure is back to normal, I feel great, sleeping better and generally have a new outlook on my health and well being.

Thanks for coming up and getting me back on the right track. I might need to increase my super now!! Might live longer.

49 y.o Male
Regional WA Office
March 2011