Wellness Coaching & Floor walks

As part of the implementation of your organisation’s health and wellness program, Trench will appoint a Health and Lifestyle Coach (HLC) who is a fully qualified Exercise Physiologists/Scientist to be available to your organisation’s staff for one-on-one wellbeing consultations

All Trench staff have been trained by Australia’s most eminent Wellness Coach, Fiona Cosgrove to conduct Wellness Coaching sessions.

Wellness coaching uses evidence based techniques from coaching psychology and positive psychology to assist employees to master wellness and optimal health through cognitive and behavior change.  Wellness coaching focuses on mental and physical behaviors relating to nutrition, exercise, weight control and stress management.

This type of wellbeing consultations are far more effective in motivating people to make positive lifestyle changes than simply telling the client what they should be doing or making unrealistic, or unsustainable goals/lifestyle changes.

Employees will be monitored by regular consultations and if required have their cholesterol and glucose monitored, blood pressure checked and hip to waist ratio measurements taken, to gauge their progress.

Expert advice is delivered only in the field in which the Exercise Physiologist/Scientist has a technical background.  If an employee has out of scope issues of the program, Trench staff will always refer to either a GP or your companies Employee Assistance Program.

The HLC would also motivate the employee to join the your organisation’s exercise classes

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