Wellness Coaching

What is Wellness Coaching

All Trench staff have been trained by Australia’s most eminent Wellness Coach, Fiona Cosgrove to conduct Wellness Coaching sessions. Wellness coaching uses evidence based techniques from coaching psychology and positive psychology to assist employees to master their wellness and optimal health through cognitive and behaviour change.  Wellness coaching focuses on mental and physical behaviours relating to nutrition, exercise, weight control and stress management.

Trench Health and Fitness have put together a number of workshops to help explore and motivate staff/managers to make positive changes to their lifestyles, health and help reach their personal goals. This is done in a group setting where a Trench Wellness Coach will help motivate and facilitate behavioural change through a series of workshops.

Why Wellness Coaching

More and more research into wellness coaching is being conducted and positive results are being found. According to Williams and Wilkins “Coaching for Behaviour Change in Physiatry” over 50% of premature deaths are caused by unhealthy lifestyle behaviours. Clinical studies have shown that the coach approach appears to be effective in short term and possibly more durable behaviour change.

Wellness Workshops

A Trench Health, Level 2 National Wellness Coach can deliver and present group workshops on Wellness Coaching. This is not only limited to Health and Wellness but has been utilised as professional development for staff, managers and supervisor by leading Perth businesses such as Tim Davies Landscaping and Cam Build. Our workshop series is both informative and interactive, consisting of six, 60-90 minutes sessions. These workshops can be totally customized to suit your workforce/business needs. Generally the topics and order of the workshops are as follows:

Workshop 1. Introduction to Wellness Coaching
Workshop 2. Decisional Balance
Workshop 3. Effective Goal Setting
Workshop 4. Power of Change/Stages of Readiness
Workshop 5. Barriers to Change
Workshop 6. Where to From Here?

If you are thinking of implementing a health and wellness program into your workplace then our Wellness Workshops are a great place to start. For more information on Wellness Coaching and what it entails please call us on 9382 2663 or admin@trenchhealth.com.au

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