Corporate Team Building

Build A Winning Team!
Corporate team building activities provide a great opportunity for staff to engage with colleagues and management in a social and supportive atmosphere. Trench Health and Fitness have been organising team building activities for private and government organisations since 1998. Activities would ideally run for two to three hours, resulting in re-energised staff and improved morale amongst staff and managers.

Trench can provide your staff with activities ranging from small mini challenges right through to large scale events such as:


Half / Full Day Events

  • Amazing Races at Rottnest – Full day event
  • The block Renovation Challenge – Half day event
  • Masterchef – Half day event

Mini Challenges

  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Nutrition Mastermind
  • Mini boot camp
  • Tabloid Games
  • Giant Jig Saw Challenge
  • Team Sports
  • Conference activities



What our Clients had to say…

Well what can I say,

What an awesome day! From the moment the teams were announced there was a buzz of excitement and unity. The challenge saw the entire team involved, whether it was shopping, prepping or even dish washing; everyone had a role to play.

It was such an enjoyable experience to see the teams working with each other; sharing equipment, sharing ingredients, showing support and complementing opposition team meals.

This certainly demonstrated the family and team spirit at ENJO. A big thank you to Jason from Trench, the event was extremely organised and professional. I have received tremendous feedback from the team on what a fun day it was and we can’t wait until the next event.

Last but not least I loved being on the judging panel having had to taste all those scrumptious meals was a real highlight for me, especially since all were very good!

Thanks again for a great afternoon!

Barb DeCorti

Founder/Managing Director


“Thank you to both Mick and Ashlee for running 5 separate successful team building events for our division. I have had nothing but great feedback from staff who were initially sceptical about the team building event planned after 10 years! It was surprising to see how the various areas bonded over something simple as cricket which did help to break down some of the silos , not to mention getting staff active again outside the office.

I hope that the last month of activities translates back into the office and that we will continue our on going relationship through the wellness program. Once again thank you and I would be happy to recommend your service to others interested in team building activities.”

S.Sukumaran – WA Govt. Agency 


On behalf of ETAS Group, I would like to commend Mick and Rochelle from Trench Health & Fitness on the fantastic team building program they facilitated for our staff.

Aside from the fabulous time we all had, there were also many valuable lessons and ‘ah-ha’ moments for us.

We learned a lot about one another and how to use our individual strengths to work together as one team.

Staff are still talking and laughing about events of the day. Discussions about salt and fat content in certain foods are becoming commonplace in the lunch room.

The workplace has been re-energised; barriers and silos have begun to melt away.

Domonique – ETAS Group 


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