The Trench Team

staff-petePeter Trench – Managing Director

Peter Trench, Managing Director of Trench Health and Fitness, has been delivering comprehensive health and fitness packages to businesses across Australia since 1993. Trench Health and Fitness has established itself as a respected and leading supplier of workplace corporate health services. In 2006 Peter received a 40 under 40 Award in recognition of his business leadership and commercial achievement in WA.

The flexibility of Peter’s carefully designed programs enables Trench Health and Fitness to successfully introduce quality programs to both large and small businesses. Businesses today are becoming more aware of the need to take an interest in the physical and mental health and fitness of their employees. Peter enjoys the challenge of customising programs to suit those who live and work long hours in remote mining areas as well as nine to five in the metropolitan area. His skills and experience assist Trench Health and Fitness in effectively setting up on-site facilities, delivering tailored programs and providing cost savings and tangible benefits to clients.

Specialising in:

– Design and implementation of “workplace wellness programs” for Australian workforces.
– Coaching and mentoring individual executives to better health
– Coaching and mentoring athletes


Henry Morley– Accredited Exercise Physiologist ESSAM, AEP

Bachelor of Science (Exercise Physiology and Sport Science)

An elite cyclist who along with his education and passion for cycling conducts high level testing and programming for cyclists, and other athletes wanting to improve performance.

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Staff - DaisyDaisy Ellis – Exercise Physiologist/ Health and Lifestyle Coordinator

Bachelor of Science (Exercise and Sport Science)

Daisy studied at Edith Cowan University. She completed her final year in Exercise Physiology in 2012. Daisy worked as a sports trainer with various sporting clubs whilst studying.


Sharon Walshaw – Gym Instructor

Qualifications: Cert 3 in Fitness and Cert 4 in Personal Training, WestCoast Tafe. 8 years experience

Background : Current Surf Life Saver at Scarboro Surf Life Saving Club. Compete in Masters division of Surf Life Saving with best events swimming and double ski. Also completes in Iron Woman. Loves Red wine and Champagne



Michael Buswell – Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Bachelor of Science (Exercise and Sport Science)

Michael brings a passionate and energetic approach to providing the best possible health care services to a wide range of the population. He is experienced in programming for those with musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and metabolic disorders. He is committed to communicating the importance of both mental and physical health and their effects on a person’s current and future wellbeing.

Michael also educates his clients on safe and effective measures to help the progression towards their current goals whilst also looking to the future. Let Michael educate you on how best to take care of your body today.



Dr Emily Calton – Accredited Practising Dietitian

Emily Calton

Emily has several years’ clinical experience working with a variety of clients including children, adolescents and adults. She has also consulted in the design of nutrition interventions for research studies and lectured in the undergraduate Nutrition program at Curtin University. Emily is also an accredited Sports Dietitian with a passion for improving the performance of elite and recreational athletes through nutrition.